Henry Cavill Almost Beat Daniel Craig For James Bond

Henry Cavill Daniel Craig James Bond

Director Martin Campbell recently shared a fascinating story about Henry Cavill’s audition for the iconic role of James Bond in the 2006 film Casino Royale. Although Daniel Craig eventually got the part, Campbell revealed that Cavill’s audition was “tremendous,” and he had the looks and acting chops to make a convincing 007.

During a conversation with The Daily Express, Campbell praised Cavill’s physicality, stating that he looked great and was in excellent shape. However, at the time of the audition, Cavill was just 22 years old, making him seem a little too youthful for the role. Ultimately, the decision to cast Craig was unanimous among the production team.

“He looked great in the audition. His acting was tremendous,” Campbell said. “And look, if Daniel didn’t exist, Henry would have made an excellent Bond. He looked terrific, he was in great physical shape…very handsome, very chiseled. He just looked a little young at that time back then.”

Campbell explained the casting process for Bond, emphasizing its democratic nature. A group of decision-makers, including himself, producers, and the casting director, gather around a table to discuss each potential candidate. Unanimity is crucial in selecting the right actor for the iconic spy.

Ironically, Campbell suggested that Cavill might now be too old to take on the role of Bond, considering Craig’s retirement after No Time to Die. By the time Craig reached his final Bond film, he was at an age where another installment would have been deemed too old for him. The commitment to the role spans several films, typically taking around six years of an actor’s life.

“Henry’s 40, so by the time he’s done the third one he’s going to be 50 and anything beyond that’s two, three years per Bond, He’s in good shape Henry, he’s a good guy. He did very well in the audition, but ironically he was too young.”

Despite missing out on the chance to portray Bond, Cavill succeeded as DC’s Superman in Man of Steel (2013) and subsequent films. His portrayal of the iconic superhero showcased his talent and solidified his place in the realm of comic book adaptations.

As the search for the next 007 continues, casting director Debbie McWilliams has ruled out younger actors due to concerns about their mental capacity for the role. Speculation surrounds actors like Regé-Jean Page, known for his role in Bridgerton, and Tom Hardy and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, frequently mentioned as potential contenders.