Chloe Grace Moretz says ‘Family Guy’ Meme made her ‘Self Conscious’

Chloe Grace Moretz Family Guy Meme

Chloe Grace Moretz opened up about turning into a hermit after “horrific” memes on social media, including one that compared her physique to a “Family Guy” character, worsened her body dysmorphia. The image of Moretz strolling into a hotel with a pizza box sparked the creation of the popular meme that made fun of the actor’s figure.

Chloe Grace Moretz  Family Guy Meme

We all know how vicious the internet can be at times. Chloe Grace Moretz experienced this after seeing a photo of her delivering pizzas in 2016. Her cut made her legs more protracted than her body compared to a well-known satirical cartoon character. She felt awkward since her picture was so widely shared online. During an interview with Hunger Magazine, She spoke candidly about her event.

One of the most well-known memes at the time featured a long-legged, short-busted Family Guy figure, which struck a chord with me. It showed me entering a hotel with a pizza box. I remember sitting there and thinking that my body was being used as a joke, and it’s not anything about me that I can alter now since it’s all over Instagram. I felt so exposed and unsafe. If I said something, they would tell me, “Oh, shut up, it’s hilarious.”

I’ve very much isolated myself. While it was nice that I got away from photographers and returned to being myself and experiencing experiences that are not documented on camera, it also worried me when they did. It has made me feel so humiliated, and I believe that the body dysmorphia that permeates this world directly results from social media issues, something to panic over.