Harry Styles RIPS his pants in front of Jennifer Aniston

Harry Styles Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston saw a wardrobe malfunction while attending Harry Styles’ concert on Thursday.

During his performance of “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” Harry Styles, the former One Direction member, split his pants while dropping to his knees. He made a shocked face towards the audience and covered the tear with his hands while playfully rolling his eyes at his bandmates. The 28-year-old singer continued on with the show despite the wardrobe malfunction.

Jennifer Aniston was among several A-list celebrities in attendance, including Kylie Jenner, Trevor Noah, and Ellen DeGeneres. However, Twitter users swiftly made fun of the fact that Styles previously confessed his crush on 53-year-old Jennifer Aniston, who is famous for her role in “Friends.”