Jason Momoa Strips down to Show off his Hawaiian Malo on Jimmy Kimmel

Jason Momoa Strips down to Show off his Hawaiian Malo on Jimmy Kimmel

We all know that actor Jason Momoa is distinctly diverse and vibrant. Numerous interviews with him have resulted in a specific action on his side. During his appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ he stripped down to nothing but his traditional Hawaiian Malo.

During a recent fishing trip, the actor did not allow himself to be prayed for when the presenter showed the audience a picture of the Aquaman actor wearing the Malo, a Hawaiian-style thong.

This is a traditional malo,” Momoa explained. That’s what Hawaiians wear.

The actor revealed that he only recently began donning the Malo in anticipation of the upcoming Chief of War series on Apple TV +, which is set in Hawaii in the late 18th century.

I’m doing a show – he said. I am a creator, writer, director, producer, and actor of this Apple series. This is what I wear every day. I’m just preparing for the role because I like getting into character, so I was tanning my white ass.”

I don’t even like wearing clothes anymore – he said. I am there every day. I always wear it

Kimmel then pressed his opponent by inquiring whether he was donning one at the time. At that point, Momoa stood up, took off his clothes, and displayed the garment to everyone. Wow, Kimmel exclaimed as Momoa changed back into his clothes.