Emilia Clarke’s advice to Matt Smith in House of the Dragon

Emilia Clarke's advice to Matt Smith in House of the Dragon

Emilia Clarke portrayed Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, She offered sound advice to Matt Smith. He plays Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon.

Overtaking the viewership of other HBO shows, House of the Dragon has emerged as one of the greatest this year. Although Daemon’s narrative takes place 172 years before Daenerys Targaryen’s birth in Game of Thrones, it is based on Targaryen Family.

Because of this, the legendary Emilia Clarke, who portrayed Daenerys, gave Matt Smith, who portrays Daemon Targaryen in this spin-off, a perplexing and fascinating piece of advice.

She was very generous. Even before my screen test, she was very aware of the process. She told me: ‘Get used to the wig. It is a complete and convoluted process.’ And she was right. It takes an hour and a half to put on the wig,”

I feel like I’ve made a connection with Daemon and also with the other actors. I was always interested in trying to subvert him to something different. I think we have a wonderful cast. I think there’s a kind of mysterious, sensitive nature to Daemon and pretty genuine loyalty to him.”

The moment from The Dance of the Dragons where Rhaenyra Targaryen and his brother Aegon compete for the throne is the focal point of the television show. HBO broadcasts a fresh episode of House of the Dragon every Sunday. It tells how things changed during the Targaryen family’s rule from the Iron Throne and how they eventually went insane.