Courteney Cox says her Biggest Regret is Facial Fillers

Courteney Cox Facial Fillers

Courteney Cox, best known for her role as Monica in the famous American sitcom FRIENDS, has spoken out about her experience with facial fillers. 

In an episode of the Gloss Angeles podcast, she revealed that getting these fillers was her worst beauty regret. Courteney explained that it was a domino effect, where she didn’t realize she looked a little off, so she kept doing more to look normal to herself. 

Courteney Cox says her Biggest Regret is Facial Fillers.

Cox didn’t realize how she looked with her fillers, and it was only after having them removed that she realized how much she had messed up. “Thinking I was getting older when I was really young, that’s just a bummer, a waste of time,” she said.

Fillers remain Courteney’s most prominent beauty regret, and she gets stunned when she looks at her old photos. “I look at pictures of me when I thought I looked OK,” she added, “and I can’t believe it.”

Cox also mentioned that her publicist wouldn’t let her post a before and after picture, but she wanted to show people what her friend was talking about when they said she looked like she had too many fillers.

Courteney Cox has talked about her fillers before

The Emmy-nominated actor has previously discussed her struggles with cosmetic procedures. In February 2022, she expressed her disgust for the constant speculation surrounding her appearance to the Sunday Times. She acknowledged that the scrutiny she faced was already intense but also admitted that the pressure she put on herself was even more demanding.

The actor’s decision to remove the filler was influenced by the comments she heard from others. She admitted to pursuing youthfulness and attempting to conceal signs of aging at one point. However, she later realized that her attempts had resulted in an unnatural appearance caused by injections and other cosmetic treatments. 

Courteney Cox finally decided to remove her fillers

Courteney Cox chose to have her filler removed or dissolved and expressed relief that they were removable. The constant scrutiny and self-imposed pressure ultimately led her to remove the stuffing. She now regrets chasing youthfulness for years and acknowledges it was a waste of time. 

Despite messing up in the past, she feels fortunate to have been able to reverse most of the damage and accept her age now; she now regrets these actions and would never repeat them.