Courteney Cox Responds To Prince Harry’s Mushroom Story

Courteney Cox Prince Harry Mushroom

In 2016, Prince Harry visited Courteney Cox’s house in L.A. According to his memoir Spare, he spotted “a huge box of black diamond mushroom chocolates” in her fridge during a party. 

Harry claimed to have seen a large box of black diamond mushroom chocolates at a party there intended for all attendees. He and a friend allegedly consumed a substantial amount, chasing them with tequila. Cox was traveling then and didn’t mind if they crashed at her place, which Harry found highly appealing and amusing since he is a vast Friends fanatic.

Harry described his experience as both excellent and tormenting. After consuming the mushrooms, he became fixated on foot pedal-operated trash can in the bathroom, which he perceived as having a face. His friend reacted differently to the mushrooms, becoming agitated and believing his puffer jacket to be a dragon.

Courteney Cox Responds To Prince Harry’s Mushroom Story

Cox recently shared her side of the story in an interview with Variety, stating that while Harry did stay with her for a few days, she wasn’t passing out mushrooms. “I’m not saying there were mushrooms! I wasn’t passing them out.”

As for who was giving them out, Harry didn’t reveal any details in his book other than the fact that the drugs were up for grabs. He and a friend reportedly grabbed several, washed them with tequila, and hallucinated about a trash can in the bathroom.

In Spare, Harry also admitted to smoking pot while at Eton College and partaking in psychedelic drugs as he got older. He claimed that these substances allowed him to let go of rigid preconceptions and see another world beyond his filtered senses. He also discussed how these drugs helped him redefine reality and discover only the truth.

Despite Spare’s controversy, Cox still finds the book entertaining and wants to read it. She even praised Harry, calling him “a really nice person.” While Harry’s visit to Cox’s house may have been unforgettable for him, Cox would instead leave the mushrooms out of the story.