Anya Taylor-Joy learned English by watching Jack Black’s ‘School Of Rock’

Anya Taylor-Joy English School Of Rock

Anya Taylor-Joy, the talented actress currently voicing Princess Peach in the animated film Super Mario Bros, recently revealed in an interview with Buzzfeed that she learned English as a child thanks to the film School of Rock.

Anya explained that when she first moved to London, she attended a school that showed the film every Friday. At the time, she didn’t speak much English, so watching Harry Potter and Jumanji in English with subtitles helped her pick up the language.

Although the two didn’t meet during the recording process, Taylor Joy was impressed by the opportunity to work alongside someone she admired.

Taylor Joy was thrilled to learn that Jack Black, one of her idols, was playing the role of Bowser in the film. She couldn’t contain her excitement and screamed high-pitched when she discovered she would be doing the promotional day with him.

The actress also shared that she loves singing and that Tenacious D’s “Tribute” is her favorite karaoke song. She said that she enjoys doing all the voices and is always excellent.

Taylor-Joy was born in Florida but grew up in Argentina and moved to the UK at six. In a previous interview with The Wall Street Journal, she revealed that she refused to learn English for two years after moving to London in an attempt to force her parents to move back to South America.