Chris Evans Addresses Rumors Regarding his Affair with Shakira

Internet users detected that Chris Evans began to follow Shakira, after the scandal of alleged infidelity on the part of Piqué. The Scandal was uncovered by two journalists in a podcast, in which they pointed out that Piqué had cheated on Shakira with a young 20-year-old model. 

According to fans of Chris Evans, the actor has a preference for Latin women, because the actor had previously declared that he had a crush on Camila Cabello, who showed no interest in him, since he was living his romance with Shawn Mendes.

A few weeks ago A video that captured the moment in which Henry Cavill was distracted watching Shakira during an interview went viral , but it is speculated that the actor who gives life to Superman is not the only one interested in the singer, since he has apparently also captured the attention of Chris Evans, the actor who played Captain America .

Among the many people Chris Evans follows on Instagram, Shakira is one of the few people in the musical field that he follows on Instagram.

In an interwith with a Journalist Chris Evan had this to say about Shakira:

“Would you go out with Shakira?” , asked the journalist directly, to which Chris Evans replied: “I would go out with her? Are you trying to hook me up with her?”

“Maybe I could connect you with Shakira, are you interested?” The journalist asked again and Chris Evans responded clearly nervously: “That could be too much for a camera”

Chris Evans is also a huge fan of SHAKIRA!