House of the Dragon Episode 8 Quick Recap

house of the dragon episode 8 teaser recap

The eighth episode of House of the Dragon included a lot of events. A lot happened in the most recent episode, from all the characters developing into their final states that would last until the end of the series to King Viserys’s dying, which started the preordained civil war.

So here is a quick recap of the entire episode:

Aemond, Alicent’s second son, was shown to have claimed Laena’s dragon, Vhagar, in the previous episode. It leads to a fight between the two sons of Laena and Rhaenyra, which damages Aemond’s sight.

The fight wounded Rhaenyra, and her husband felt bad for staying away. Then Leanor and Rhaenyra decide to organize their split from Daemon, Where Leanor leaves everything behind and rushes away while acting dead.

After marriage, Rhaenyra and Daemon are prepared to battle the greens. A time jump occurred in episode 8, with Rhaenyra and Leana, Alicent’s daughters, replaced by older characters.

Lord Corlys is injured during the Battle of Stepstones while fighting over the contest for the throne at Driftmark continues. Daemon gets three dragon eggs laid by Syrax in dragon stone.

Rhaenys wants Leana’s kid to succeed her, but Lord Corlys feels differently about this. King Viserys’ is very weak and incapable of taking the iron throne. Alicent takes the king’s place in the council room.

The Driftmark residents Rhaenyra and Daemon return to King’s Landing to deal with the Otto family’s growing influence. Viserys orders one final dinner with his family.

At the end of the episode, Mysaria, the former Daemon’s love, appears in a new capacity that has implications for the kingdom, particularly Rhaenyra.

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