Channing Tatum doesn’t watch Marvel movies because he is too ‘Traumatized’

MCU films have had a lot of popularity for many years. Thor: Love and Thunder, one of this year’s highest-grossing movies, was one of the last to be released in theatres, Which made over $700 million worldwide.

Therefore, there is no question that millions of people watch these movies. Except for Channing Tatum, who swore he wouldn’t watch any of them.

Why does Channing Tatum not want to watch any Marvel films, then?

He claims that he was traumatized, which is why. Everything is related to the Gambit movie that Reid Carolin, with whom he collaborated on Magic Mike and is a close buddy, was planning to direct. The performer had extreme pain because the public never saw this work.

“The studio didn’t really want us to be the director. They essentially wanted someone other than us because we had never directed anything, “In an interview, Channing Tatum stated. “I was really traumatized after Gambit departed. I was unable to see any Marvel movies. That character was great. Too sad was he. He was so eager to play it that losing him seemed like losing a buddy, “says he.

According to information from the interview, this Gambit movie was intended to look a lot like Deadpool. They want to create an R-rated, extremely entertaining, and action-packed narrative.

“We wanted to make a romantic comedy-style superhero film. According to Reid Carolin’s argument, creating a relationship work is the only endeavor more difficult than rescuing the planet.

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