Bryan Cranston against Cancel Culture: ‘ I think our societies have become less tolerant ‘

Bryan Cranston , who played Walter White in much acclaimed series Breaking Bad, talked about Cancel Culture. Let’s talk about that unorganized and socially based movement that launches spasmodic protests against everything that is considered politically and ideologically “incorrect” .

Those who support Cancel Culture believe that if details emerge that are not considered in line with today’s progressive ideas, in films, TV series, songs or cultural products of any kind, then prompt censorship must intervene .

Bryan Cranston talked about , an actor who also passed through a not very politically correct comedy, in Seinfeld and Malcolm in the Middle . “We live in this culture that erases those who make mistakes and hurts – whether on purpose or by mistake – and there is less capacity for forgiveness in our world”.

“I think we are unfortunately in a coarser environment. I believe our societies have become tougher and less understanding, less tolerant. I think we should take a second look and realize that asking for forgiveness and receiving forgiveness are not weaknesses , but human strengths ”.