Betsy Brandt Discusses her Surprise Cameo

Betsy Brandt who played Hank Schrader’s wife, Marie, appeared surprisingly in the final episode of the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul. Now, after the incredible event, the star has spoken about it.

The finale of the Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, has been one of the series most talked about and most watched. So many details occurred that it would take a long time to explain each.

One of the big surprises in the closing moments was the appearance of one of the main show’s stars Betsy Brandt, who played Marie Schrader, wife of Hank (Dean Norris).

Betsy Brandt’s character Marie Schrader may have eccentric behavior that often annoyed her husband, Hank. However, Marie became a genuinely tragic character not only because of her problems but because she and Hank had to face the consequences of the criminal schemes of Walter White (Bryan Cranston). Which ended up with Hank being dead and Marie being left a grieving widow.

After appearing in court to see Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman played by Bob Odenkirk, confess to his crimes and his relationship with Walter White to shockingly accept his 86-year prison sentence.

Betsy Brandt voiced her opinion on the matter and revealed things that could happen in Marie’s future:

“I think she will live the life that he thinks Hank would want him. I think that’s what drives her. I can’t imagine what her relationship is going to be like for her because she’s going to be comparing everyone to Hank, and she’s going to be for quite some time.”

“I hope there is some connection between her and Skyler. It will never be the same, but I like this relationship. I like that they share that bond as shipmates. It was a huge loss for her when she found out that Skyler was involved. I think it will be hard to forgive, but I hope they have a connection. And I hope l get to see Walt Junior and little Holly.”

Through it all, Betsy Brandt envisions a bright future for Marie now that she’s moved to another point of closure. The latter will undoubtedly be forever scared by the unthinkable things that transpired in the Breaking Bad series. However, it seems that not even Brandt predicts a delighted ending for Marie. She was left in the darkest situation of all the characters alive at the end.