Is ‘Friends’ the Best Tv Show Ever?

Is 'Friends' the Best Tv Show Ever?

A recent survey found that “Friends” is regarded as Americans’ best TV show ever.

The survey, commissioned by YouTube TV and carried out by OnePoll, chose the well-known NBC sitcom starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer as the best of the best.

From a list of 35 renowned TV series, “Friends” (43%) and “Seinfeld,” which was developed by Larry David, were the two most viewed (40 percent ).

No matter how they are feeling, three out of four respondents admitted that they always pause their favorite TV programs.

Additionally, “Game of Thrones” on HBO (37%), “Three’s Company” from the 1980s (36%), and “Frasier,” a “Cheers” spinoff starring Kelsey Grammer (36%), will lose viewers.

Another NBC program that helped create stars, “The Office,” was favored by 36% of viewers. And 35% chose the comedy “MASH,” which takes place during the Korean War.

Nearly 20% of those surveyed, according to a recent poll released on January 31, believe that the 1980s and 1990s were the finest decades for television.

Only 7% of people think that the time we live in now is the best time for TV.

It’s hardly surprising that so many people still like and watch vintage TV shows, according to Kimberly Taylor. An old favorite program might bring back memories and make you feel comfortable. We’re still ecstatic about all the great live TV, though. Who is in charge of the product messaging for YouTube TV?

45% of respondents, who took the poll, said they still possessed VHS or DVD copies of the episodes of their favorite TV shows. 37% of people said that their favorite show had ceased broadcasting. And 21% long for the days when they could watch them live in person or on TV.

To put this in Perspective here are Ratings for Freinds and every other show

The greatest TV shows of all time:

Friends – 43%

Seinfeld – 40%

Game of Thrones – 37%

Three’s Company – 36%

Frasier – 36%

The Office – 36%

MASH – 35%

Battlestar Galactica – 30%

The Simpsons – 29%

The Wire – 28%

Twin Peaks – 27%

Family Guy – 27%

The Sopranos – 26%

Sex and the City – 24%

American Dad – 23%

Law and Order – 23%

Grey’s Anatomy – 23%

Bob’s Burgers – 23%

Community – 21%

Big Brother – 21%