Quentin Tarantino Announces The ‘Death’ Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Character

Quentin Tarantino Death Leonardo DiCaprio's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The news of Rick Dalton’s “death” has surfaced through an unexpected source—the Twitter account for Tarantino’s Video Archives podcast.

Quentin Tarantino is known for including fanfiction elements in his films, particularly Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. He has decided that his fictional character, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, met his demise on May 19, 2023.

While this proclamation may raise eyebrows, considering Rick Dalton’s hard-drinking and despondent nature in the film’s 1969 setting, it is stated that he lived on until the age of 90. It seems improbable, given his constant exposure to copious amounts of alcohol, the presence of a flamethrower, and his association with his old friend and occasional murder suspect, Cliff Booth (played by Brad Pitt).

Tarantino’s novelization of the film reveals Booth as an unrepentant killer. Moreover, the strained relationship between Rick and his wife, Francesca Capucci, adds to the skepticism surrounding his peaceful demise in his Hawaii home after a long-lasting marriage.

However, questioning Tarantino’s additions to his creation seems futile. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood already concludes with an improbable happy ending, so the possibility of Rick getting his life together and reaching 90 years old is equally feasible.

In addition to the news of his character’s death, the podcast’s Twitter account has announced an upcoming episode dedicated to exploring Dalton’s filmography. This promises an intriguing experience where Tarantino will likely indulge in an extended riff on numerous alternate universe movies and TV shows residing solely within his imagination.

Fans eagerly anticipate this podcast episode, as Tarantino’s unique perspective and storytelling prowess guarantee an entertaining exploration of his fictional universe. While the news of Rick Dalton’s passing may be met with surprise, it serves as a reminder of the creative liberties and imaginative extensions Tarantino brings to his beloved works.