Better Call Saul Gets Brilliant Johnny Bravo Style Intro in New Video

Better Call Saul Gets Brilliant Johnny Bravo Style Intro in New Video

Thanks to a cute video created by Twitter user JabaToons, Better Call Saul now has an animated opening reminiscent of Johnny Bravo.

Better Call Saul, a prequel to Breaking Bad, debuted on AMC in 2015. The program traces Jimmy McGill’s transformation into the unscrupulous Saul Goodman by actor Bob Odenkirk. The sixth season of Better Call Saul, which was well-liked by viewers and critics alike, finally ended.

On the other hand, the Better Call Saul beginning sequence was envisioned by Twitter user JabaToons to resemble the Johnny Bravo intro sequence from Cartoon Network. 

About Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul, the crime drama that premiered in 2015 as the prequel to Breaking Bad, presented its tragic end after six seasons on the air through the AMC broadcast network.

The series finally revealed the fate of Jimmy McGill for the crimes he committed that influenced many people’s lives. The most serious of these had to do with the fatal destiny of Howard Hamlin. And, as expected, he got what he deserved. In the finale episode, the fans saw the last interaction between Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler, his longtime wife, and accomplice in some of his scams.

A possible Better Call Saul Spin-off?

Fans have wondered whether there would be a spin-off of Better Call Saul or another character from the original Breaking Bad series since the show’s run ended. They even have a list of possibilities for the creators since they are urged to learn more about this reality.

Author: Yash Sahu