Barbie Official Teaser Trailer, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

Barbie Trailer Margot Robbie

Warner Bros. has released a few-minute trailer for “Barbie” that features posing, dancing, slow-motion images, and a striking magenta color. 

The plot of the live-action film, in which Ryan Gosling plays her boyfriend Ken, and Margot Robbie plays the famous Mattel doll, is still mostly unknown. Still, several cast photos and images of Robbie and Gosling on-site have already been made public.

The teaser shows some of the interpreters that Barbie has brought together. From Ryan Gosling as Ken to Simu Liu, in what seems to be a very eccentric film that will combine fantasy with musical numbers. The Warner film, which sees the light after a productive hell from which Diablo Cody or Amy Schumer fell before Gerwig, also has Kate McKinnon, Emma Mackey, Will Ferrell, and Michael Cera in its cast. 


Barbie is set to arrive in cinemas in July 2023.