Aemond Targaryen | Sapphire Eye and his link to the White Walkers

Aemond Targaryen's Sapphire Eye and his link to the White Walkers

As its first season finished, House of the Dragon underwent several changes. Aemond Targaryen, Alicent’s youngest son, was affected by one of these shifts, and his sapphire eye played a significant role in it.

Fans of HBO’s House of the Dragon were left wanting even more action after the spectacular conclusion of Season 1. Because of this, fans naturally want the drama to resume as soon as possible. But they will have to wait more than a year to learn what transpired following the Storm’s End incidents that killed one of Rhaenyra’s children and any possibility of a reconciliation between them.

There isn’t much the seven kingdoms can do to maintain the peace Rhaenyra desires when Aemond and the dragon Vaghar kill Lucerys and Arrax.

In episode seven of House of the Dragon, Aemond begins wearing an eyepatch that Luke stole. He removes his eyepatch to reveal that his new eye is a sapphire when he sees him in Burros Baratheon’s castle.

The blue eye is reminiscent of the well-known eyes of the Night King and White Walkers. The significance of that exquisite detail has fans in awe.

In House of the Dragon, Aemond’s blue eye is first shown just before he kills his cousin. If we carefully examine the facts, the decision by the producers to use the blue eye must have been deliberate.

When we connect Aemond’s turning moment, which makes him a thug, to the Game of Thrones white walkers, we can see that the blue eye conjures up the terrifying villains of Westeros.

But rather than being a covert indication that Aemond is a White Walker or is headed in that direction, it appears to be a symptom of his deepening wickedness and the perverse path he is on.