Morbius is returning to theaters because of all the Morbius Memes

Dr. Morbius stars Jared Leto who is Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder and accidentally turns himself into a vampire while looking for a cure, but the darkness inside of him is soon unleashed. Matt Smith co-stars as his best-friend-turned-accidental-vampire-villain.

The movie has been critically bashed by the critics to the extent that it ranks as one of the worst-reviewed Marvel Comics adaptations in history, It has only 17% of rating on rotten tomatoes. The movie has grossed a total of $160 million at the global box office.

But apparently the movie has gained a new reputation on the Internet, as a source of Comedy.

So many people have posted memes about it, The most popular memes include the phrases “It’s Morbin time,” or sometimes just “Morbin” is a meme that combines Jared Leto’s vampire with the “It’s Morphin Time!” catchphrase of the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series of the early 1990s.

And because of the popularity, Morbius is returning to theaters, the movie will be added to over 1,000 theaters beginning on June 3.

Some Morbius Memes

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