20+ Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Selena Gomez, Proving She is Still the Prettiest

Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a widely celebrated pop singer and actress of the present time. However, many people must know that she was a full-time actress before choosing music. In 2002, she began her acting career in the television series Barney & Friends at the age of eight, and since then, she has never looked back.

Despite a rough childhood, including severe financial problems and her parent’s divorce, Selena never gave up on her dreams of becoming a successful artist. She started auditioning for films in her childhood and starred in movies such as “Another Cinderella Story,” “Princess Protection Program,” and “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.”

As her singing career took off, Selena continued to act and even started singing in some of her movie tracks. She signed her first contract with Hollywood Records in 2008 and released her debut album, Kiss and Tell, which received a large audience. She has since released several hit albums and featured on the Billboard chart numerous times.

Selena also co-produced the popular Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why. She has overcome many obstacles throughout her successful journey, including fighting Lupus disease and undergoing a kidney transplant in 2017. She was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder but managed to fight all these problems, and her career continues to soar.

Check out these stunning photos of Selena Gomez that will leave you mesmerized. With over 20 jaw-dropping pictures, these photos prove that she is still one of the most beautiful celebrities out there.

20+ Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Selena Gomez, Proving She is Still the Prettiest


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