Wolverine | Daniel Radcliffe says He doesn’t want to be Stuck in the Same Role for Forever

Wolverine | Daniel Radcliffe says He doesn't want to be Stuck in the Same Role for Forever

Due to his numerous performances in independent films like Horns, Swiss Army Man, and Guns Akimbo, Daniel Radcliffe has earned the respect of the industry 11 years after playing one of the most known figures among fans of fantasy films, Harry Potter.

Even with all these strange elements, it’s still possible that he will soon portray the new Wolverine that the MCU demands. But he eventually ruled everything out in his most recent interview with GQ magazine, stressing how little he is now interested in “being stuck” in a franchise once more.

Radcliffe has wanted to distance himself from any information that catalogs him as the new Wolverine: “It is purely a rumor from the press tour. I say something and then every now and then, I get bored of responding that way, so I say something different and that triggers it again. I should never open my mouth.”

Daniel Radcliffe said, “Simply put, I don’t want to commit to something that I’m not confident I can consistently adore with the same intensity. I cherish the freedom that independent film gives me too much to return to a show that would categorize me once more.” The actor has previously rejected rumors of a possible merger with Marvel.

Radcliffe claims that the problem exists because Logan’s diminutive stature in the comics causes viewers and the media to equate Logan with little actors.

Daniel Radcliffe is promoting the biography Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, about the well-known singer and musician. 

On the other hand, there won’t be a new Wolverine because Hugh Jackman will return as the character from Deadpool 3. This is the last chance for Jackman to connect with someone who might eventually lead to an MCU replacement.