Bryan Cranston Talks about Working on Wes Anderson’s New Movie

Bryan Cranston Talks about Working on Wes Anderson's New Movie

The cast for Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie, Asteroid City, is outstanding. Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johanson, Maya Hawke, and Steve Carrell are just some impressive new faces that will debut as actors while working with the well-known filmmaker. Bryan Cranston, the star of Breaking Bad, will also be a prominent figure in this movie.

Bryan Cranston has previously worked with Wes Anderson in Isle of Dogs; he was a voice for Dog Chief, Though he first learned about Anderson’s unusual method of filming in Asteroid City.

When the actor was recently asked if that dubbing gig helped him come back to work with Anderson, the interpreter started outlining the challenging challenge of “fitting his meticulously planned vision”:

“When you work for an author like that, it’s a great exercise in trust. We did this next film, Asteroid City in Spain and it was not an easy job. Working for Wes is not easy. It’s very detailed and very specific, so you really have to focus a lot. What compensates for that is the sympathy and the union of the experience”. 

Bryan Cranston compared Wes Anderson to Tom Hanks, saying that they are two actors who everyone wants to work with, even though his polished style is nothing more than the exact and millimetric adjustments that make each shot look like a painting.

Later, he clarified that Anderson creates what he refers to as “the parody” before filming so that everyone knows what he is trying to say.

Asteroid City’s story and the project’s release date are still unclear; We only know that the project is currently in complete post-production after the shooting wrapped up in the summer of 2021 in Madrid. It ought to be prepared by the beginning of 2023.