Why Jack Reacher fans didn’t like Tom Cruise

Although Tom Cruise played Jack Reacher twice, fans have always protested that he doesn’t look like the character in the books.

Written by Lee Child , Jack Reacher ‘s novels are huge bestsellers, earning him a huge fanbase all over the world. When Tom Cruise was cast in the movies, a lot of them were disappointed, but now they’re in love with actor Alan Ritchson , because he’s closer to the source material. Alan Ritchson measures 1.88 meters compared to Tom Cruise who is only 1.70 meters.

In a recent interview, it was Lee Child himself who revealed why fans of his books didn’t like Tom Cruise:

“There was criticism from fans of the books, because they had created a very clear image of what Jack Reacher should be like. It just became a different proposition and I guess the opportunity to think, Okay, we can get a much bigger guy so the fans of the books are happy, but we’re also targeting viewers who haven’t read the books. need?” “They just need great entertainment, they don’t have the reference yet, so we had to satisfy them as well. I think the issue of size is important for certain parts of the narrative. Jack Reacher has to scare people and you can do it much more easily with a look from this huge animal. Instead of a normal-sized actor like Tom Cruise.”

Even ‘Jack Reacher’ author praises recasting Tom Cruise for a taller actor: