The Last of Us: Joel killing That Doctor is the Key to Season 2 Plot

The Last of Us Joel Doctor 

HBO viewers have been taken on an emotional rollercoaster in the latest episodes of The Last of Us. [Heavy Spoilers Ahead]

In the ninth episode, titled “Look for the Light,” Joel and Ellie finally find the Fireflies, a group who can create a vaccine for the Cordyceps brain infection using Ellie’s immunity. However, to do so, they have to kill Ellie.

Joel killing That Doctor is the Key to Season 2 Plot

Joel, who has already lost one daughter to this apocalypse, decides to protect Ellie at any cost and goes on a killing rampage through the hospital. He even kills Ellie’s surgeon, who stands in his way, and this murder could come back to haunt him in Season 2.

The Last of Us Part II, the video game sequel, follows Abby, the daughter of the surgeon Joel killed, seeking revenge against Joel. The game explores the toxicity of revenge, and if the series plans to follow the game’s storyline, viewers could witness Joel’s death.

Laura Bailey, the voice actor for Abby, also appeared as one of the nurses in the hospital scene, which is a nod to the game. Players can kill the nurses in the game, which tests their morality and level-headedness. The fact that Joel let the nurses live in the show may have cut deep for some game fans.