Where and When to watch ‘Lucky Hank’: Starring Bob Odenkirk

While some of the most popular TV shows revolve around savvy individuals navigating political waters in their professional worlds, making a compelling series about academia has proven challenging. However, AMC’s “Lucky Hank,” adapted from Richard Russo’s novel “Straight Man,” takes on the challenge of bringing the tenured life to the small screen.

The show stars Bob Odenkirk as William Henry Devereaux Jr., a cynical English department chair at Railton College who struggles to find meaning in his life. The pilot episode will be a character study, with Hank’s diatribe against mediocrity in academia leading to office politics that propel the show into an office comedy. The show’s blend of hangout comedy and workplace sitcom works well with the writing duo’s experience on “The Office” and “Silicon Valley.”

Where and When to watch ‘Lucky Hank’

Catch “Lucky Hank” on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on the AMC cable channel and AMC Plus streaming service. Although the series officially premieres on March 19, AMC Plus members can already stream the first episode. Alternatively, if you prefer to watch the show as it airs on the AMC cable channel, you can tune in through any live TV streaming service that carries the AMC network.