Vince Gilligan Wants to Write a ‘Good Guy’

vince gilligan breaking bad better call saul spin off

The creator of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, has already acknowledged that he has no plans to develop further the world of Breaking Bad in the foreseeable future. He intends to completely change course from his last two projects with this one.

Vince Gilligan has shown how talented he is at capturing the spirit and subtlety of villains in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. In an interview with The New Yorker, Gilligan said he is now interested in writing a novel featuring a protagonist with good intentions or simply “A Good Guy.”

In his interview, Gilligan first described what, in his opinion, constitutes a decent individual. “I want the main character to be a traditional hero, a traditional honorable person.

Then, Gilligan acknowledged that the prevalence of evil men on television now, as opposed to when he began filming Breaking Bad more than ten years ago, is why he wants to write a tale about a nice person.

When I was creating Walter White fifteen years ago, I asked myself, Well, what is contemporary TV? Most of them are decent men. But when I look around, I see a surprising number of villains on TV, not just in programs but even in the news.

In fiction and reality, it appears to be a world of fictional villains at this time. I believe that a character that doesn’t pursue the easy money is generally due for a comeback.

He wasn’t the first television program creator to center his work on a villain. Nowadays, TV shows cater to heroes who, although having many subtleties to their characters, are ultimately evil men, as he puts it. With Walter White and Saul Goodman, Gilligan produced two of the most well-known instances of this.

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