10 Blockbuster Movies that were Nightmares Behind the Camera

10 Blockbuster Movies that were Nightmares Behind the Camera

Any movie or television show must undergo a stringent production process. Certain dangerous moments may even result in a fatality. These popular films suffered from lots of issues; therefore, now we present you with a startling list:

10 Blockbuster Movies that were Nightmares Behind the Camera

Toy Story 2

An animator unintentionally erased 90% of the film; the group hurried to get the backup copies, but the system malfunctioned, and they lost the entire movie. Since starting over from scratch would be impractical and expensive, there was no way around this situation.

Fortunately, technical director Galyn Susman recently gave birth to a child and worked from home. Every week, The team used to send a copy of the film to her, and she kept backup copies at home.

The Predator

Another actor was brought in to play the part of Jean-Claude Van Damme in an action scene, but he broke his leg because he wouldn’t wear the Predator costume. While filming, Schwarzenegger and the cast were both caught ill with severe food poisoning.

Apocalypse Now

The main character, Martin Sheen, had a heart attack and had to crawl out of his room to get assistance. The shoot, which was supposed to take 16 weeks, lasted 15 months. Marlon Brando referred to as a “slender and athletic legendary monster,” resurfaced in the movie after two months of crippling problems when he weighed 130 kg.

The Wizard of Oz

One night, Buddy Ebsen, who played the Tin Man, was having trouble breathing and had to be sent to the hospital. Due to his Tin Man costume, he inhaled pure metal into his lungs and experienced a near-death experience.

Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch of the West, physically caught fire when an effects act went wrong, leaving her with severe burns on parts of her hand and face. For several weeks, the actress was in the hospital. 


After a dose of PCP in the crew food, 50 cast and crew members had to be taken urgently to the hospital. After spending time in the chilly water during filming, several additional people developed the illness.

Due to several issues, the $100 million budget for Titanic’s production quadrupled to $200 million. Director James Cameron insisted on building a massive set with a 17 million-gallon water tank and a copy of the actual Titanic.

The Bourne Identity

The production of “The Bourne Identity” was delayed by a full year due to numerous creative disagreements between director Doug Liman and screenwriter Tony Gilroy. They frequently disagreed on the plot’s direction and made problematic script changes.

THE BOURNE IDENTITY, Matt Damon, 2002, © Universal

Due to a personal issue, the original producer Richard Gladstein had to leave the set. Matt Damon threatened to quit the movie if the original screenplay wasn’t used again.

The Abyss

James Cameron insisted that “The Abyss” (1989) be shot nearly entirely underwater. Therefore the actors had to become qualified scuba divers to appear in the movie. This is regarded as the “toughest filmmaking in cinema history.”

A 150,000-gallon water leak started on the first day of production. As a result, the director and the principal actor, Ed Harris, almost drowned. During the shooting, actress Mary Elizabeth experienced an emotional breakdown.

The Crow

The loss of Brandon Lee in “The Raven” wasn’t the only issue encountered during filming. A carpenter had a screwdriver lodged in his hand, and a stuntman suffered significant injuries after a hard fall. 

The Evil Dead

All actors in “The Evil Dead” suffered injuries: “In low-budget movies, you’re on your own. The 1981 horror classic, according to actor Bruce Campbell, lacks a stunt coordinator and a doctor on site.

Sam Raimi, the director, was forced to film in a secluded cottage without heat or running water. Raimi admitted that he once felt so chilly that he walked outside to lie down and pass out.


To make his 1972 survival film as realistic as possible, director John Boorman had his inexperienced actors paddle their canoes over perilous rapids. Burt Reynolds crashed against a rock after falling over the falls and fracturing his tailbone.