Tom Cruise: ” I’ll Never work for Streaming Platform “

Tom Cruise has recently returned to the cinema with the new Top Gun: Maverick , which is triumphing at the box office all over the world, and has been very well received by Critics and the fans.

A guest in Cannes, where a preview screening of the film was staged, Tom expressed himself very clearly on cinema and streaming platforms, which are now increasingly important in the distribution and production landscape. Tom has in fact reiterated his love for the cinema (and for the cinema), clearly closing the door to the platforms.

On a possible release of his film on a platform rather than in theaters, he said:

“ It’s not going to happen. Never. I’ve spent a lot of time with the movie owners, with the people serving popcorn, with everyone who makes sure this is there, that it happens. I called them all, I said, ‘I know what you’re going through, just know we’re making two sequels to Mission Impossible and now Top Gun. I make movies for the big screen myself. 

He then went on to say that it had never been a possibility, and that there were no attempts by the big players to bring the film to the platform.

“ They didn’t even dare . They knew it could never happen. When a movie is finished, I want to see it in the cinema. If you want to see Tom Cruise, you have to go to the cinema . 

The success he is enjoying with the new Top Gun seems to prove him right. A success that the actor hopes to replicate next year, when the first part of the final chapter of the Mission: Impossible saga will be released .