Matthew Perry almost lost his Friends Role due to this Failed Sitcom

Matthew Perry Failed Sitcom

Matthew Perry almost lost his Friends Role due to this Failed Sitcom. In the history of American sitcoms, one failed pilot should be included in the list of great dodged bullets: LAX 2194.

This show was set in the year 2194 and focused on handling luggage belonging to aliens at Los Angeles International Airport. Likely, you’ve never heard of it, and for a good reason.

When Matthew Perry talked about it with Seth Meyers, he described how cringe-worthy it was, but at the same time, people desperately wanted to see it.

The clip of LAX 2194 that Perry shared on Late Night With Seth Meyers didn’t feature him, but it gave a glimpse of why the show didn’t pass the smell test. Perry almost had to star in it, and his commitment to the show almost meant turning down the Chandler Bing on Friends role.

Perry plays L.A.X. luggage handler Blaine in the unaired LAX 2194 pilot. He assists aliens in 2194 as they pick through their bags at the named Los Angeles airport. Perry mentions “small folks portrayed the aliens” and claims “that was the show.”

However, the show had other stars, such as Ryan Stiles, who is a great improviser and did his best with a lousy script, doing eight different accents for as many lines. Kelly Hu, known for her voiceover work and roles on The Vampire Diaries and Warehouse 13, was also a part of the show.

Perry was fortunate that the show didn’t get picked up, as it would have prevented him from taking on the iconic role of Chandler Bing. The failed pilot of LAX 2194 leaves us wondering if it inspired Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.