The Covenant Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal Stars In Guy Ritchie’s Warzone Thriller

The Covenant Trailer Jake Gyllenhaal

The MGM studio has released the first trailer for “The Covenant,” a new film directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal plays the role of an army sergeant who returns to the battlefield to save the Afghan interpreter who had saved his life. The cast also features Dar Salim, Anthony Starr, Emily Beecham, Fahim Fazli, and Alexander Ludwig.

“The Covenant” marks Jake Gyllenhaal’s return to the war genre, a subject he has explored in depth throughout his career. The actor has starred in films that delve into the psychological effects of being a soldier or a veteran, such as “Brothers,” where PTSD is fully examined, and “Jarhead” where Sam Mendes recounts how some soldiers experienced the Gulf War as a completely different and dull experience.

Ritchie is also working on the live-action remake of “Hercules,” the beloved 1997 cartoon, making a return to Disney after directing the “Aladdin” remake in 2019, which was a major success with over a billion dollars in worldwide receipts.