Spin-offs We Would Love to See in the Breaking Bad Universe

Spin-offs We Would Love to See in the Breaking Bad Universe

In the conclusion of Better Call Saul, the majority of the character arcs resulted in racial harmony. Despite these resolves, there are countless opportunities to develop the series through its supporting cast. Although the show’s creators, Vince Gillian and Peter Gould, have claimed they don’t intend to extend the world further,

But Here are a few of the spin-offs we’d love to see

Flynn White

A television show about Flynn’s attempts to rebalance his life following his father’s well-known and public death. The viewer was allowed to make assumptions about how Flynn handled his father’s incarceration in front of the public and how the White family, in general, handled the notoriety. What about the money, then? 

That portion of the $9.72 million in drug money that Gretchen and Elliott were forced to transfer by Walter. Perhaps Flynn, who generally kept his moral compass tight, gave most of the funds to facilities for treating methamphetamine addiction.

Gustavo Fring

A series describing the life in South America of Gustavo Fring and his eventual ascent within the cartel. Hector Salamanca occasionally referred to Fring as “great Generalissimo,” which has led some fans to believe that he served in the military before getting involved in the drug trade.

However, Fring originally entered the cartel that distributed cocaine in the late 1980s. Then, to simplify distribution operations and further legitimize his position, he launched the fast-food restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos. But how did Fring initially get involved in the drug trade?


On Better Call Saul, we saw much of Mike’s background but never his life before this. We are aware that he was a dishonest police officer who lost his job, and we are also aware that his son was slain in the line of duty. 

However, we are never genuinely informed about the circumstances surrounding this or how Mike came to possess the talents he has now. 


To conceal his second job as an extractor, Ed Galbraith has practically amassed a vacuum empire for himself. However, neither someone becomes an extractor overnight nor amasses the wealth he does without significant events.

It might be possible to explore a very different area of this universe with a much younger Ed, portrayed by another actor. It has the potential to be a very long-running series and would be a suitable homage to Robert Forster.


Hank Schrader is a DEA agent who has high regard. He had a significant role in the eventual downfall of his brother-in-law Walter White. His career is far more extensive than we have seen on Breaking Bad. Seeing a spin-off series that focuses on Hank’s first few years of employment may be significant. 

It could help us comprehend the criminal underworld better by resurrecting former villains and exposing us to new crime organizations that Hank eventually puts to justice. In this instance, the DEA itself would be the main focus.