Quentin Tarantino on N-Word, Violence – Backlash, “See Something Else”

Quentin Tarantino N-Word

Quentin Tarantino, the renowned director of Pulp Fiction, has long been criticized for the extreme violence portrayed in his movies and the use of the N-word by some of his characters. 

In an interview on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, Tarantino suggested that those offended by his work should choose to watch something else. 

When asked about the accusations of excessive violence and the use of racial slurs in his movies, Tarantino responded, “You should see [something else]. Then see something else. If you have a problem with my movies then they aren’t the movies to go see. Apparently I’m not making them for you.”

Tarantino’s frequent collaborator, Samuel L Jackson, has previously defended the director’s use of the N-word, stating that it is necessary for the story’s context. 

In an interview with The Times earlier this year, Jackson said, “Every time someone wants an example of overuse of the N-word, they go to Quentin [Tarantino] – it’s unfair. He’s just telling the story, and the characters do talk like that. When [12 Years a Slave director] Steve McQueen does it, it’s art. He’s an artist. Quentin’s just a popcorn filmmaker.”