Morbius Returns to Theaters and Flops again at the Box Office

Sony decided to Rerelease Morbius in theaters again, after it started trending on social media. Thousands of Morbius Memes circulated on Twitter making fun of the movie in the most Ironic way, Which i guess People at Sony would have thought they loved the movie, But they were so wrong.

Morbius became one of the worst Marvel movie ever, It was hated by Critics as well as the fans, It also ended up being among the biggest box office failures in Marvel history, the movie grossed only $163 million worldwide.

The movie was rereleased on Friday in around 1000 Theaters, and Grossed only $85000 and has flopped even harder. Making it an average of just $82 per theater, which, depending on ticket prices, amounts to less than 10 moviegoers per theater.

Fans across Twitter have trolled Sony for its decision to reopen Morbius, which already flopped the first time around.

Jared Leto announced a Sequel to the movie, Morbius 2: It’s Morbin Time