Matthew Perry Wishes Keanu Reeves should have died Instead of River Phoenix and…

Matthew Perry Wishes Keanu Reeves should have died Instead of River Phoenix and

Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing in Friends, makes several odd allusions to Keanu Reeves’ passing in his memoirs, which will be released soon.

There is much to speak about because of Matthew Perry’s upcoming memoir publication. Several parts of the book are already available online, though it will be on sale on November 1.

Since numerous media outlets got access to book excerpts before they were published, Perry’s drinking issues and the fact that they almost cost him his life have received much attention.

Of course, these issues existed, but few people knew how bad they were. He discusses this subject in a paragraph on River Phoenix’s overdose death in 1993.

In fact, according to the Book, Perry questions why Keanu Reeves is still alive if River Phoenix and Heath Ledger are gone each time he references someone’s passing in his book Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.

What did Matthew Perry say about Keanu Reeves ?

“River was a lovely man, inside and out – too beautiful for this world, it turned out. It’s always the talented guys who go down. How come original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger are dead, but Keanu Reeves is still with us? Perry wrote in his book.

Keanu Reeves’ best friend, River Phoenix, tragically lost his life in 1993 from a heroin overdose at 23.

Later in the book, Matthew Perry discusses the death of comic Chris Farley

“I punched through the wall in Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room when I found out,” Perry said. “And Keanu Reeves is still with us,” he adds.

Though no one can understand these cheap shots by Matthew Perry for Keanu Reeves, it seems like Matthew Perry is still trying to stay relevant since his days of lovable Chandler Bing are long left behind, and Keanu Reeves is still one of the most adored Actors of this time. So this Matthew Perry and Keanu Reeves beef is not going away anytime soon.