Marvel VFX Artist Slams Marvel Studios Over Poor Working Conditions

Something that must have always left you Mesmerised in Marvel projects is the visual effects, because since Iron Man started the MCU the budget level was made clear. However, those of us who are outside do not know the background of this work, and now the point of view of the artists in charge of the work has been made known.

Many of them related stories of unrealistic deadlines and intense pressure that resulted in stress and subpar final goods. Numerous people have expressed a desire to never again work on a brand production, claiming that the studio has the “worst VFX management out there.” These tales have been made public through relevant Reddit boards.

To make matters worse, Dhruv Govil, a former VFX artist who worked on the visual effects of films such as Guardians of the Galaxy or Spider-Man , has supported his colleagues in the industry who have disagreed with the working conditions at Marvel Studios.

More of these allegations were made on a Subreddit named r/vfx, Where a user posted how ” I am quite frankly sick and tired of working on Marvel shows ” He went on further to say:

Marvel has probably the worst methodology of production and VFX management out there. They can never fix the look for the show before more than half the allocated time for the show is over. The artists working on Marvel shows are definitely not paid equivalent to the amount of work they put in. The charm for working on a Marvel movie is way over rated now and I would rather be happy working on a TV series after decades and decades of this.

At the moment Marvel Studios has not made any statement regarding the accusations of the company’s ex-artist, although it does not seem that they will address the matter.