Lionsgate Confirms ‘John Wick 5’ in Early Development

John Wick 5

Lionsgate’s CEO, Joe Drake, has exciting news for John Wick fans. Following the success of John Wick 4, the fourth installment of the action-packed saga featuring Keanu Reeves as the lethal assassin, Drake has officially announced the production of John Wick 5, signaling the continuation of the beloved franchise.

During a recent investor meeting, Drake emphasized the expansion of the John Wick universe beyond just AAA video games, with spinoffs and a television series in the works. He highlighted the significant growth potential of the franchise through various mediums, stating that this constant output of content generates a heightened interest among the audience. 

Drake confirmed that the first spinoff, Ballerina, will be released next year, and three more projects, including John Wick 5 and the television series The Continental, are currently in development. This strategic approach aims to organically build the world of John Wick organically, ensuring a regular cadence of content for fans.

“We’re now moving across that franchise, not just in the AAA video game space, but looking at what the regular cadence of spinoffs, television really growing that universe so that there is a steady cadence of a franchise that there’s clear appetite by the audience. What is official is that, as you know, Ballerina is the first spinoff that comes out next year. We’re in development on three others, including John Wick 5 and including television series. The Continental will be airing soon. And so, we’re building out the world and when that five movie comes, will be organic — will be organically grown out of how we’re starting to tell those stories. But you can rely on a regular cadence of John Wick.”

Chad Stahelski, the director of the John Wick saga, expressed his willingness to continue the journey with John Wick in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. 

Stahelski found it immensely gratifying that the desire for more films stems not solely from financial motivations but from genuine audience demand. While Stahelski acknowledged the need for some contemplation before moving forward, he revealed that he and Keanu Reeves might meet shortly to discuss potential ideas. They remain open to all possibilities, ready to explore new directions for the franchise.

With Lionsgate’s commitment to expanding the John Wick universe and Stahelski’s dedication to crafting thrilling and engaging stories, fans can anticipate organic growth in the saga.