Jennifer Aniston Hated SNL’s Impression of Her

Jennifer Aniston SNL

Appearing on ‘SNL’ can be a significant milestone in a performer’s career, but it also comes with tremendous pressure. In contrast, Jennifer Aniston has a rocky history with ‘SNL.’

Early in her career, Aniston was invited to the show to discuss things with Lorne Michaels. However, she ultimately opted against it, given the atmosphere backstage. She felt it was a boys’ club and women were not respected on the show.

Jennifer Aniston Hated SNL’s Impression of Her

Later, Aniston hosted ‘SNL’ several times and had a great time. However, there was one skit that she needed to appreciate. Vanessa Bayer made an impression of Aniston’s character, Rachel, from ‘Friends’ during the show’s early seasons. Although many fans thought the imitation was spot-on, Aniston felt Bayer was poking fun at her. At first, she thought she was being made fun of, but eventually, she got over it.

Aniston and Bayer met and hit it off backstage during a skit. Bayer was nervous about meeting her idol, but Aniston was gracious and even had her hairstylist style Bayer’s wig. They did the Rachel character together, and it was a dream come true for Bayer, a massive fan of ‘Friends.’

Aniston didn’t see herself as a comedic actress early in her career, but Hollywood kept telling her otherwise. Eventually, she starred in ‘Friends,’ one of the most popular sitcoms ever. Aniston changed her mind on ‘SNL’ and even poked fun at herself on the show. There was a skit that Aniston hated when it first aired, but she later changed her mind about it and even made fun of herself.