Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts To Swap Bodies for a New Comedy Film

Jennifer Aniston Julia Roberts

Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts, two successful actresses, are joining forces for a new project. They’ll star in a romantic comedy where their characters switch bodies. The film, ordered by Amazon Studios, is set to premiere soon on the streaming platform. Get ready for the ultimate on-screen duo.

Max Barbakow, director of the 2020 hit comedy “Palm Springs,” is set to write and direct a new film featuring Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts.

LuckChap Entertainment, Margot Robbie’s production label, will handle the production, along with Tom Ackerley, Josey McNamara, and the two actresses. However, the studio has yet to reveal further details about the cast, story, or release date. Fans will have to wait for additional updates.

Jennifer Aniston Julia Roberts

Despite the novelty being a rarity, this will not be the first time that the two work together. Julia participated as a guest character in the famous series “Friends” in the 90s. More than a decade later, the two had leading roles in the romantic comedy Mother’s Day in 2016. At the time, Jennifer revealed that, despite knowing Julia personally, she was still intimidated by her on set.