Jennifer Aniston Almost Starred in ‘Pulp Fiction’ as the Lead

Jennifer Aniston Pulp Fiction

Jennifer Aniston is a well-known and beloved actress in Hollywood, famous for her role in Friends. However, despite her success in television, Aniston has also been offered opportunities to star in some of the greatest movies of all time, including a Quentin Tarantino project. The role in question was that of Mia Wallace in the film Pulp Fiction, which Aniston turned down when she was just 25 years old.

At the time, Aniston was already committed to filming Friends, which was a huge success and demanded much of her time. Mia Wallace was eventually played by Uma Thurman, who was 24 years old. Interestingly, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was another actress who was also vying for the role.

Jennifer Aniston Pulp Fiction

Aniston’s decision to turn down the role was due to scheduling conflicts. She couldn’t commit to both Friends and Pulp Fiction at the same time. Nevertheless, Mia and Rachel (Aniston’s character in Friends) have become iconic figures in pop culture.

Aniston’s loyalty to the show that brought her fame and fortune is admirable. In addition to being offered the role of Mia, Aniston was also asked to play Rose in the movie Titanic. However, she once again prioritized Friends and declined the offer.