Jenna Ortega Talks About How Playing Wednesday Influenced Her Own Style

Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Jenna Ortega, the young actress who rose to fame as Wednesday in Tim Burton’s Netflix series, has admitted that the character’s style has significantly impacted her fashion choices.

In an interview with New York Magazine’s The Cut, she revealed that she began wearing clothes similar to Wednesdays during the first season’s filming and even outside of the set, demonstrating the character’s strong influence on her.

Jenna Ortega Talks About How Playing Wednesday Influenced Her Own Style

Jenna’s interpretation of Wednesday has been praised for its unique and distinctive touch, setting her apart from her predecessors. Her affinity for the gothic style has been evident since the show’s premiere, where she donned a goth Versace outfit, which some attributed to the show’s context. However, Jenna’s recent statements suggest that the character’s style has had a lasting impact on her personal fashion choices.

While promoting the Adidas Street collection, Jenna revealed that she was drawn to the collection’s purple pieces, possibly due to Wednesday’s influence. She has also developed an appreciation for darker and earthier tones, which she believes suit everyone and inspire her to try new things.

Aside from the impact on her fashion choices, Jenna also spoke about the physical demands of playing Wednesday. She had to assimilate awkward and bizarre movements, which she initially found challenging. However, she learned to manage her body and activities, and even when she made mistakes, she portrayed the character with integrity.