Jenna Ortega Reveals Most Difficult Wednesday Scene To Film

Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Netflix’s Wednesday was a hit, but Jenna Ortega, the show’s lead, has revealed the grueling filming schedule caused her to break down.

The Addams Family adaptation broke viewership records on Netflix and surpassed Stranger Things, becoming a benchmark for other series. Ortega’s performance as the older teen version of Wednesday received praise, but filming was strict.

During an eight-month shoot in Romania, Ortega worked six days a week for 12-14 hours, attending cello lessons and other classes in her free time. One scene was complicated, the “Paint It Black” sequence, which required two cello players. Ortega became frustrated, and her father answered FaceTime calls about her crying.

Ortega faced further difficulties during her iconic Wednesday dance scene as she awaited COVID results that came back positive. This revelation faced criticism, with some feeling it was irresponsible for the production to make Ortega work when she suspected she had the disease.

Despite this, Ortega is excited about season 2 and hopes it will not include a love triangle. Instead, she wants the focus to be on Wednesday’s experiences.

Overall, Wednesday’s success is marred by Ortega’s struggles during filming. While she hopes for a smoother experience in season 2, her dedication to her role is undeniable, and her performance has made the show a must-watch for fans of the Addams Family.