James Cameron vs. James Cameron: Titanic and Avatar 2 compete to Dethrone each other

James Cameron Titanic Avatar 2

It’s literally James Cameron vs. James Cameron at the Box-office as Titanic and Avatar 2 compete to Dethrone each other.

James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is enjoying continued box office success worldwide, having already generated over $2 billion since its release on December 16th, 2022. Avatar: The Way of Water is now poised to become the third highest-grossing film in history after claiming the title of third highest-grossing film in overseas markets. 

However, the recent re-release of Cameron’s own 1997 blockbuster hit, Titanic, has added a new dynamic to the race for box office dominance. Despite this competition, Avatar 2 is expected to surpass Titanic’s lifetime gross and cement its place in cinema history as the third highest-grossing film of all time in the coming days.

Avatar: The Way Of Water has been playing in theaters across the globe for nearly two months, and its exceptional financial performance has contributed to its growing status as one of the most successful films ever made. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the movie industry, Avatar 2 remains a testament to the enduring appeal of the cinema experience.

According to Deadline, Avatar 2 has grossed $2.214 billion globally and is already in third, with Titanic in the 4th with $2,210 billion. There remains only a small gap between the two, and Titanic is expected to surpass Cameron’s own blockbuster hit in the coming days. 

James Cameron on Avatar 2 massive success

I’m not thinking of it in those terms; I’m thinking of it in the terms of we’re going back to theatres around the world. They’re even going back to theatres in China where they’re having this big Covid surge. We’re saying as a society, ‘We need this! We need to go to theatres’. Enough with the streaming already! I’m tired of sitting on my a*s.