Jaden Smith to play Miles Morales in the MCU?

Will Smith is fueling speculation that his son, Jaden Smith , is being considered for a major role within the MCU. Fans of the actor and character believe the young man will play Miles Morales .

In a statement released by POP Time, the star says that Jaden ” is preparing himself physically and mentally to get a place as one of the characters that will make history for the first time “, implying that his son will be able to act, yes, as the Man – Spider.

It’s fair to say that Jaden fueled the rumors earlier this year after sharing a photo of himself wearing a Spider-Man mask – so fans began to think of him as Miles in the MCU.

In addition, the plot of No Return Home effectively opened the multiverse , to the point that actor Tom Holland launched comments about ” making space for the Spider-Verse” , even if the presence of Morales was through subtle references.