House of the Dragon season 2 writer says Blood and Cheese Plot won’t Disappoint

House of the Dragon Blood and Cheese

The Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon ended a few months ago. It was set about 200 years before the events of Daenerys Targaryen. The HBO writers are presently developing the program’s second season due to its great popularity. House of the Dragon season 2 writer Sara Hess says the Blood and Cheese plot won’t disappoint you.

With Queen Alicent seizing the throne from Queen Rhaenyra, the legitimate successor, in the final two episodes, the stage was set for the Dance of Dragons. However, it wasn’t until the dreadful events of the Storm’s End conclusion that war was formally proclaimed. In the season finale, Rhaenyra sends her sons Lucerys and Jacaerys to ensure the allegiance of her bannermen. 

Luke was dispatched to Storm’s End, while Jace was sent to Winterfell and The Vale. Luke eventually runs with his uncle Aemond Targaryen. As a result of their previous disagreements, the two end up in a sky fight that results in Luke’s death. The conflict that will later become known as the Dance of Dragons, which marks the beginning of the Targaryen dynasty’s dominance over Westeros, is ultimately sparked by Luke’s death. 

Blood and Cheese

Fans of the book already know that her mother’s, Rhaenyra Targaryen, revenge will be dark and come in the form of two characters, Blood and Cheese, who House of the Dragon writer Sara Hess confirmed to Variety will be in Season 2.

“We are currently writing the finale of Season 2,” Hess told Variety, then added about the infamous Blood and Cheese story. “I don’t think you will be disappointed.”

House of the Dragon Season 2 Cast

A substantial percentage of the ensemble cast will return for season 2, Including Olivia Cooke and Emma D’Arcy as Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen, respectively. Matt Smith’s portrayal of Prince Daemon Targaryen, Steve Toussaint’s portrayal of the Sea Snake Corlys Velaryon, and Eve Best’s portrayal of the Queen Who Never Was, Rhaenys Targaryen, are also confirmed to Return for Season 2.

Aegon II Targaryen, Helaena Targaryen, and Aemond Targaryen, played by Tom Glynn-Carney, Phia Saban, and Ewan Mitchell, Harry Collett as Jacaerys Velaryonm, Phoebe Campbell as Rhaena Targaryen, and Bethany Antonia as Baela Targaryen are all set to return.

New Characters in House of the Dragon Season 2

Additionally, new characters will be introduced in the roles of Unwin Peake, Hugh Hammer, Jeyne Arryn, and Cregan Stark. Season 1 did not feature Daeron Targaryen, Viserys, and Alicent’s fourth child. He will be introduced in Season 2, according to George R. R. Martin.