House of the Dragon Fans lose it over Viserys’ Mistaking Alicient’s Name for Someone other

House of the Dragon Fans lose it over Viserys' Mistaking Alicient's Name for Someone other

Minor elements in Chapter 7 of “The House of the Dragon” reveal a more significant arc in the development of the characters. One of the narrative points fans couldn’t stop talking about was the instance in which Alicent is mistakenly addressed by Viserys by the name of her late wife, Aemma.

Viserys may be losing his mental faculties due to his sickness, which portends poorly for the leader of the royal council. However, as mistaking somebody for a loved one is typically a dementia patient’s defining trait, this new information may also be the first sign of mental decline.

Alicent, who continually observes as he emphasizes safeguarding Rhaenyra and her status as the primary successor to the crown, feels even more rejected as a result of this episode. Some followers assert that this may be due to his affinity for Aemma, And Rhaenyra is the firstborn child of Aemma.

The conservative fronts are opposed to Viserys’ plan for the princess to become the main successor to the throne, which would alter the established order in Westeros by placing a woman in charge of the kingdom. A growing distance separates them as Alicent has grown more hostile toward Rhaenyra, and the queen realizes that her firstborn is a person more deserving of the crown. Viserys, though, sticks to his original choice for her.

He says to Rhaenyra in the first episode, “You’re the best thing about your mother.” He still loves Aemma. Therefore because Rhaenyra is all he has left of her, he will install her as his successor and never reconsider.

Sara Hess, screenwriter and executive producer of the series, said Viserys was deeply in love with his wife Aemma and never stopped loving her, even after her death. He realizes that his fixation on a male descendant eventually killed her, and he feels terrible about it,”.