House of the Dragon: Details you might have missed in Episode 7 Teaser

House of the Dragon: Details you might have missed in Episode 7

Following the death of several notable characters in House of the Dragon Episode 6, leaving the audience in shock. The episode 7 trailer teases that another important character may soon join the list, so the death toll may continue to rise. Here are some details might have missed in Episode 7 Teaser.

Spoilers Warning for Episode 7

The funeral for Laena Velaryon was held at high tide on the drift mark, following House Velaryon tradition. When Laena’s delivery went wrong, She gave Vhagar the order to burn her.


Someone stole Vhagar: Aemond Targaryen may be the one who took the dragon. As we witnessed in the sixth episode, he was being made fun of by his elder brothers for being the only one without a dragon.

Details you might have missed in Episode 7 house of the dragon


Alicient says, “There is a Debt to be Paid.” This may be because Aemond will lose an eye. In the books, After an argument with Jacaerys, who referred to him as “Strong,” (Harwin Strong) who is the father of Rhaenyra Children. Jacaerys defeated him, and in retaliation, Lucerys swung his blade and hit Aemond, causing him to lose an eye. From the teaser, a brawl can be seen between Rhaenyra and Alicient children.


Rhaenyra’s Hand is all in blood, probably after Alicient Son lost an Eye, and to get Revenge, she tries to attack Rhaenyra with Viserys’ Dagger. Rhaenyra says to Alicient: “Now they see you as you are.”


In “Driftmark,” Otto Hightower is back after the time shift Episode. He could be back to take Lyonel Strong’s position when he died at Harrenhal in an enigmatical fire. Otto is wearing ‘Hand of the King’s Pin.