Here is why Amber Heard is Suing her Insurance Company

Here is why Amber Heard is Suing her Insurance Company

Amber Heard intends to file a lawsuit over a $1 million policy bought to shield her from being found guilty of defamation. The insurance company argues in its defense that Heard’s actions would make her ineligible for payment under California law. And therefore, Amber Heard is Suing her Insurance Company.

Why is Amber Heard Suing her Insurance Company

A few months ago, Mera from Aquaman was ordered to pay $10.5 Million in a lawsuit with ex-husband Johnny Depp, one of the most talked about in recent years. The actress is suing her million-dollar insurance policy, claiming she should be covered in respect of Johnny Depp’s verdict.

According to TMZ, the actress will sue New York Marine and General Insurance Co. in court. Heard said she paid for a $1 million insurance meant to defend her against defamation claims.

The insurance company representing Heard bases its arguments on the fact that the Depp-Heard trial verdict found that the actress willfully defamed Johnny Depp. They contend that this allows them to avoid the total coverage under California law. Or, to put it another way, they feel excused.

Heard asserts, explicitly addressing a court, that these aspects of the agreement, which she claims to have made unreservedly, have not lived up to the terms of the contract. They are allegedly ignoring the actress because she is attempting to clean her hands in violation of the rules of the agreement.