Elizabeth Hurley says Matthew Perry was a Nightmare to Work with

Elizabeth Hurley says Matthew Perry was Nightmare to Work with

With the recent release of Matthew Perry’s memoirs, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.” Several stories from the actor who played Chandler Bing’s most trying years came to light.

He describes the hell he lived through due to his addiction issues and how they affected his romantic, friendship, and professional relationships.

He also told the names of many of his professional colleagues whose hectic schedules and drug addiction ultimately had an indirect impact.

Elizabeth Hurley was one such actress who, fortunately, or unfortunately, had the opportunity to learn firsthand what it was like to deal with a 20-something addicted Matthew Perry.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the actress and model spoke candidly about her experiences working with the actor on the film “Serving Sara” (2002).

The British actress has warm memories of Perry’s witty banter, his capacity to make people laugh, and his gift with language. She recalls how challenging it was to collaborate with him during those years, though, and she eventually came to refer to him as “a nightmare.”

She also promised that, despite being “a nice person, you could feel that he was suffering.”

And Matthew Perry’s drug issues forced a two-month break in the film’s production. Additionally, to continue recording, the actor had to attend rehabilitation.

Hurley and the rest of the crew had to wait until the actor returned from the detox facility where he was admitted before returning home. As he recalled in initial interviews, the “Friends” actor was already abusing numerous pills and drinking a liter of vodka daily.