Djimon Hounsou says he Feel Tremendously Cheated by Hollywood

Djimon Hounsou Cheated Hollywood

Djimon Hounsou is a remarkable character actor who can make even the most minor roles memorable. Whether it is his performance in Amistad, Gladiator, Blood Diamond, or the recent DC movie Shazam!, he leaves an impact every time he appears on the screen. 

During an interview with The Guardian, Hounsou discussed his career revolution, starting from his breakthrough role in Steven Spielberg’s 1997 film Amistad.

Despite Hounsou’s outstanding performance in Amistad, he was ignored by the Academy. His co-star, Anthony Hopkins, received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, but Hounsou needed to be included. However, the actor remains optimistic, believing he would have won an Oscar if his films were released Today.

Djimon Hounsou says he Feel Tremendously Cheated by Hollywood

Hounsou believes that the film industry is still limited Today. He still struggles to make ends meet and feels cheated regarding finances and workload. 

“I’m still struggling to try to make a dollar! “I’ve come up in the business with some people who are absolutely well off and have very little of my accolades. So I feel cheated, tremendously cheated, in terms of finances and in terms of the workload as well.”

During meetings with studios, he was surprised to hear that some people thought he had left acting after Amistad. He feels that some people’s view of him is limiting, but he is determined to redeem himself.

“I still have to prove why I need to get paid, They always come at me with a complete low ball: ‘We only have this much for the role, but we love you so much and we really think you can bring so much’… Film after film, it’s a struggle. I have yet to meet the film that paid me fairly.”

Hounsou was later nominated for his roles in In America and Blood Diamond. In the latter, he felt cheated as Leonardo DiCaprio received a nomination for Best Actor, and he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, even though the film focused on his character’s story. He also spoke about the need for more support from his community, the media, and the industry.

“I felt seriously cheated, Today, we talk so much about the Oscars being so white, but I remember there was a time where I had no support at all: no support from my own people, no support from the media, from the industry itself. It felt like: ‘You should be happy that you’ve got nominated,’ and that’s that.”

Djimon Hounsou as Shazam in Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Hounsou is currently portraying a wizard in “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” a film by Warner Bros, which is now streaming in theaters. Compared to his minimal screen time in the first “Shazam!” film, his role as a supporting actor has notably increased. However, the second time around, it was more thoughtful. Hounsou acknowledged the DC universe’s reputation among its members, stating that while his role initially lacked substance, it was enjoyable nonetheless. 

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