Daisy May Cooper Casting Rumor as the Next ‘M’ in James Bond Film

Daisy May Cooper M James Bond

EON Productions, the film company behind the James Bond franchise, is reportedly in talks with actress and writer Daisy May Cooper to take on the role of M in the next installment of the iconic spy series. 

Cooper is best known for her work on the comedy series This Country, which she co-wrote and starred in alongside Charlie Cooper.

Daisy May Cooper Casting Rumor as the Next ‘M’ in James Bond Film

The potential casting of Cooper has come about thanks to the influence of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who worked on the script for the last Bond film with Daniel Craig, No Time to Die. Waller-Bridge’s involvement paved the way for a more comedic tone in the franchise, which could see M taking a lighter and more humorous approach.

Daisy is a close pal of Phoebe, whose involvement in Bond was such a success that it sparked an unlikely conversation, Suddenly, the production team were getting excited about the prospect of really taking ‘M’ in a different direction.

The Times reports that Cooper’s talks with EON Productions are ongoing and that she is highly regarded in the industry, with sources describing her as funny, personable, and sexy. M is a crucial character in the Bond franchise, serving as the head of MI6, the organization for which Bond works.

Many actors/ actress have played the role of M, including Bernard Lee (1962–1979), John Huston (1967), David Niven (1967), Edward Fox (1983), Robert Brown (1983–1989), Judi Dench (1995–2012), Ralph Fiennes(2012–present). Judi Dench, who played a role in seven Bond films, is perhaps the most well-known M to audiences.